jQuery 1.3 With PHP by Kae Verans Book Review

jQuery-1.3-with-PHP-bookI have read through the newest jQuery book out there: jQuery 1.3 With PHP from Packt Publishing by Kae Verans. It’s targeted at experienced PHP developers who want to enhance their applications on the front end with JavaScript and Ajax functionality and uses the jQuery library to do so. You do not necessarily need JavaScript or jQuery experience to follow along, although it helps. If you are a front end developer who already knows jQuery inside and out and are looking to learn more about PHP, this book is not really geared for you.

But If you’re like me, you are not brand new to jQuery and it’s powerful features and ease of use. You probably have already used it in some of your projects and have used the excellent documentation found on their site. As good as the official docs are, there is always room for improvement by using more robust and clearer examples. That’s exactly what you get with “jQuery 1.3 with PHP“.

The examples you can look forward to building include tabs, accordions, form validation, file management, calendars, image manipulation, drag and drop, and data tables. Your PHP skills, along with the excellent and well explained jQuery code found throughout the book for each example, will allow you to add modern and responsive elements very easily and quickly.

If you are a veteran PHP developer and are looking to get started in the front end UI of your applications and web sites, this is the right book with the right angle for you. If you are a MVC framework guy like I am, the server-side PHP code provided is easily adapted to put into your controllers and views.

Disclosure: I was given a copy of the book to review by Packt Publishing. If you want to purchase the book and use a link from my site, I receive a commission.

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