Moving On

My last day at the Texas Tech Office of Communications & Marketing was Friday, July 17th. That was my first job coming out of college and I received a lot of great experience and support while working there. I learned a lot more about PHP and using CodeIgniter to develop web applications as well as customizing WordPress as a CMS. These are excellent skills to have, and I don’t know if I would have gotten them at the level that I have now if not for this job.

The people are great and it was a pleasure to work there, but I felt like it was time to move on and see what else was out there. I’m moving back to the Dallas area to be closer to my family and will see what opportunities I can find over there.

It does feel great though to not have to go to bed at a certain time in order to wake up at a certain time. I love the freedom I have now.

If anyone is moving to Lubbock looking for a job and knows PHP and WordPress really well, let me know and I’ll forward on your info. Texas Tech is a great place to work.

Also, if you have any WordPress projects or web applications you need done, contact me.

Now comes the FUN part.. PACKING!

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