I Got Mentioned in the LAJ

I was mentioned in a Lubbock-Avalanche Journal article about the PassOrCatch2008.com site 🙂

“Lisa DuBois-Low and Ryan Pharis from Tech’s communications and marketing department designed and built the site.”

Don Williams wrote the story about how it’s been getting some great recognition around the country. I was watching the Tech vs. K State game on Saturday and the announcers were talking about how it was a neat idea and a good campaign that our athletic department put together. Plus it’s gotten a lot of buzz on the blogs and message boards which is nice to see. Most comments are positive, but you’ll always have the negative posters who like to hate on Tech.

So that was really cool to see, and kinda made my day.

You can read the full article: Tech site gets national attention.

On another note, the LAJ’s RedRaiders.com site is built on WordPress. I think it’s another great example of what wp can do and it’s versatility. Very nice job to whoever implemented that. I’m impressed.

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